It isn’t that easy to live along with big university alumni. Not because they all are smart, but because of the common expectation among us. On my campus, sounds very normal, if every student looking for a good amount of salary after their graduation. But based on my experience, it turned out very trouble.


Early July 2019, several days before my graduation, I already looked for a job. My target was ambitious–get a job in the Middle East. You know, because of a lot of dollars and cheap umrah haha. There were many opportunity openings, of course, I applied all of them. That moment, I already imagined myself working with foreign, and talking non-Indonesian all the time. Even, travelling to Aladdin-like places. This happened with my huge confidence after talking with many alumni. Yes, on my major, there are a lot of stories that fresh graduates can have more than half a hundred million cash monthly. These stories are also popular among the student parents WhatsApp group. So not only me that having a big expectation but my mother as well.

Sadly, after a week passed there was no single response yet. I kept waiting, kept praying, and kept believing that my fortune is there. Even when other big potential job offer came, I always skipped it. Until I remembered an advice, “You better pray and ask for the best”. So the next day, I changed my dua, my expectation, and of course looked back my life grand plan. I felt almost drown with money as the priority and forget that the main goal shouldn’t be the salary.

Not more than an hour, suddenly my lecturer sent the student a message. She looked for a graduate that has an organizational experience to help her on managing project. Well well well… seems this is the answer, I thought.

I applied. The interview was scheduled just after my graduation. I was accepted. I could start the work next week. Done, easy. Til now I am still working pleasantly and willingly without regret. Really if only the high expectation still in mind, probably this writing will not exist.


One day my new boss talked to me. He said you should feel grateful for what Allah has given to you. My work environment here is much better than his last company, he continued. He worked for a company that I dreamed of. The salary was totally fantastic. The people were mostly foreign. The teamwork, the industry, and the project, all were great except one thing. That was people’s habits after working.

When men, the unfaithful and the ungrateful one, hold the big amount of money, something will occured. You know, something like drinking and cheating. Those are very common. And that should be fine except they did it when working. Things are getting worse when they don’t have unstable inner emotions like spiritual connection and such. This sometimes will affect your behavior and lifestyle as well and that is not a fair trade. My new boss preferred to back to a ‘normal company’ even though the salary is much smaller.

So he said again, I should be lucky when my co-worker and bosses still remind you to pray when the time has come, to gather in Majelis Ilmu routinely, to prioritize family after work, to talk together like this, and etc.

As the person that knows me the most, now I realize that my biggest need is actually free quality time. I still need to routinely practice my writing. I still need to read thousands of books. I still need to have lots of conversations with my parents. I still need a moment to be a creative free man. And with my current job, those are secured.


On this wise, salary is not everything nor the big company name. There should be a better aspect to be looked at. Even though doesn’t mean it is a problem to receive a big salary. Just make sure it doesn’t kill your most important life aspect; time, health, love, mind, and spiritual connection.

Lastly, don’t forget to always bring our gratitude anywhere and anytime. Once we get the job, we often face people that never satisfied with their current condition. Their working time will mostly be used to browse other job openings although they are new.

Just remember, life is beautiful. Live it completely. One by one. Don’t mix them. Are ungrateful people when quitting while planning, planning while working, and working while quitting. Work best on the present, so a better future will come.