“Their parents will be rewarded a crown that the shine is brighter than the sun.”

“Just thinking about how my parents will be rewarded, I’ll be thinking Wow, how would I be rewarded.”

“I wanted to be the special people of Him, so that when He calls my name at one His doors to come, and I read the Quran to Him.”


I feelĀ  grateful when people are getting smarter nowadays and so the artificial intelligence that is made by His permission. Just this moment, I accidentally found a special Youtube video from the channel that brought me closer to Islam, like five years ago. The channel was Talk Islam and the special video that I mentioned is “The Quran Kids”. Most people may say this was because of the algorithm. The kind of pattern that Youtube recommends you videos based on you watch the most. Or maybe it wasnt?

So the video is about the story of The Memorizer of The Quran. It takes place in Sydney, Australia. Dozens of kids come to a place called Daar Al Quran Al Kareem. All of them have the same routine and purpose for like years–memorizing and becoming The Walking Quran. In other words, these kids are trying to live as beautiful as the Quran teachings.

I’ve known the Quran since childhood. I’ve always believed it is God’s Commandment and was sent down through speech to a Prophet and then compiled as a Book, like with more than 600 pages. But in my teenage mind, “Okay that is a thick Book. The guy who memorizes it must be smart and cool.”

Well, the thought is very different now, especially after I saw that video. It turned out that memorizing the Quran is no longer about a highly intellectual guy with good memory so on and so forth. Now I can understand clearly the reasons that make the memorizing special are,

(First) The memorizer never think himself having an extraordinary brain. They are just trying hard and routinely putting every energy and hope so God would be pleased to put His Words into their memory and heart. So it is the God who is Great and not really them.

(Second) The memorizer’s motivations are all about dignity. Not on this life, but rather on the afterlife. You know, the eternity. Just like what I have written on the opening, those are what in their thought.


I have a story. Long-time ago, I rarely feel that the Quran can be that much powerful. My heart said yes, it is a miracle that the words are never changing, but so what? The Internet seems much cooler. This feeling changed, alhamdulillah, after I heard the explanation and the story of the ‘another miracle’ of this Book. There were wise men who said, your every life question will have the answer in the Quran. Those wise men also said if you don’t believe, just try it by yourself. But they request something, put deep faith first for a while.

I tried. The result was truly shocking.

So that moment, My role-model BJ. Habibie passed away. And, I had been questioning how he can be that smart and built his own plane. Since I wanted to be like him as well, so I seek the answer in the Quran. I opened the page of the Quran randomly, read several verses in Arabic and so the translation. Do you know which verses I read randomly? One of them was…

“Do you not see that ships sail through the sea by the favor of Allah that He may show you of His signs? Indeed in that are signs for everyone patient and grateful.” (Surah Luqman, Verse 31)


It didnt happen for one time. It happened multiple times!

Days after that, Something had happened in the morning. I woke up from sleep. My house was already crazy. People were shouting until I realized we just lost our motorbike. It was stolen. So I tried to ask The Quran again, searching for the answer of why? Then this verse that I read…

“When it (the torment) shall descend in their court, evil shall then be the morning of the warned ones.” (Surah As Saffat, Verse 177)

Hey! Even it was not just an answer, but also a warning.
And it keeps happening until today.


Now The Book is getting more interesting. Each time I read, I always imagine and curious of what are behind these verses. Oftentimes, the verses that come through are really ‘click’ to the current feeling. Noticing something always taking care of you makes you feel safe and calm.

Oh, thanks to the God who sent down tranquillity into the hearts of the believers that they would increase in faith along with their present faith.

Also thanks to the people who keep sharing the enjoyment of having deep faith. May the blessings be upon you.

Cover photo by : The Quran Kids
Check the video of The Quran Kids here : https://youtu.be/ayainbNE4D0