Rancabuaya Beach. Ch 1

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This story is specially written for my Indonesia Oceanography Lecturer


Since the early of March 2017, My friends and I had planned to go to a beach somewhere in Indonesia. With Gilang, Adam, and Surya, we decided to go Rancabuaya Beach in Garut, West Java. We prepared a car to bring us there.


We grouped up in KMKL Secretariat at 11 PM, on 20 March 2017. We shared foods and drinks before we went a board. Adam as the driver already warmed up to hold the wheel. We approximate to arrive there in 5 hours from Bandung. That’s why we prepared everything since midnight.

We started the travelling at 1 AM and I spent a three-half hour sleeping meanwhile my friends were awake to have chats. We stopped awhile to have a Subuh Prayer. I didnt really notice where it was but from what i saw the surrounding was calm and mild. The stars in the sky was really clear even you could stare them for all night. The people there was nice and so welcome to foreigners. Eventhough the mosque was not really clean, but it has really fresh water.

Adam continued the driving and we tried to keep him on the right way. The road was so dark and lonely even it was nearly 6am. After an hour we finally met a small coastal town and you could smell the sea salt even from distance. We parked the car beside Rancabuaya Hotel and set the parking position so we could see the sunrise.

First Things To Do in Rancabuaya Beach

The ride from Bandung into here was exhausting. My other friends went to sleep since it was still dark. But I preferred to go outside and felt the breeze. It was so nice, eventhough Bandung air is already good but this was much better. I could see the blue hour clearly in the first time and it was really refreshing. I was quite afraid to crawled down because there was no light around but then i tried to take a picture with low light setting. I guess that was one of my coolest pictures i had ever take.

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