Rancabuaya Beach. Ch 2

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This story is specially written to my Indonesia Oceanography Lecturer

Rancabuaya Beach

Before had a plan to go here, i did some researches about south side of West Java. Actually there are couple of beaches, but the internet says Garut has the best beaches. In Garut alone there are 8 most famous beaches ; Santolo Beach, Geder Mountain Beach, Manalusu Park Beach, Cicalobak Beach, Puncak Guha Beach, Karang Paranje Beach, and Rancabuaya Beach.

We choosed Rancabuaya because we wanted to see fisherman’s daily life directly. Eventhough there was so many activities, the beach was relatively clean. It also had small wave so You can play around in the beach without worried of drowning.

Morning Life

Finally the sun arrived at the mountain side. The lights started to fill the horizon. People went out and had a little walk. Getting warmed up in the beach was so fascinating.

Now, I managed to see the beach clearly. It was beautiful, the sand had a white-cream-brown gradient color and the sea had a green-blue-darkblue gradient color. MasyaAllah it was so wonderful! I took several pictures and experienced to walk along the beach. But then I just realized I was still wearing shoes, hence I went again to the car.

Poorly I didnt bring any sandals, but luckily there was a shop around. There was an old man sitting in front of the shop. I greeted him and he greeted me back. I bought the sandals for only Rp 15.000, I guess it was a normal price. After got my sandals, I tried to have a conversation with him. Well surprised! he had very interesting story. He told me that he had been in Rancabuaya since eight years ago, before the beach got famous. He was quite sad because Garut Government didnt take the chance to develop the beach seriously. However, he is already pleasured with his current condition.

Sparkling Water

Sandals were ready, my body was ready, without doubt I run to the water. The water was warm and clear, didnt like what I thought. There were plenty of rocks and little corals, You need to be careful here because it was slippy. I couldnt find any fish nor sea weeds. There was ecosystem though. It was group of white crabs. They digged a hole to survive from the beach wave. It’s great to see and feel the “beach things” after a long time never go to the beach.

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