Yogyakarta Journey. Final Ch.


A non-special day, Really not special. We would back to Bandung on this day and I thought this was not enough. I still wanted to explore Jogja and tasted more hidden food. But the conditions didnt really support me. I didnt have much money left and my friend which also as our travel guide , Hilmi, had something else to do. So I would be alone and moneyless if I stay there.

Day 4

It was still 8 in the morning and we didnt have many plans today, eventhough we must be on the train station at 3 PM. We started the day with playing cards in the main hall of the house. After 1 game of “Warewolf”, we ended it. Next we packed up our belonging and ready to leave the house.

We were searching a restaurant until suddenly my friend reminded the others that we had not been in Malioboro. Well, guess who have a place to be visited now. So we traveled to Malioboro. Dont laugh at me, but in fact, it was my first time visiting and knowing Malioboro. For me the street was not really that good but still i quite enjoyed the vibe.

As a Batik wear fan, I entered a Batik Shop, probably the biggest one in there maybe. There were a lot of Batik collection which were so cool and fancy. Started from the Blanko or Cap until Kebaya or blouse. I fell in love with one of the batik shirt. The batik was created by hand or known as Batik Tulis or Written Batik. This kind of batik has a really high price. If only i had a big amount of money, probably I am already wearing it now.

I ended my ease in Jogja, It was 3 PM already. We drived to the station. We leaved Jogja and waited 8 hours while the train was moving. Then there was no such things to be told anymore.

Miss you Jogja.

…the end…

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