Yogyakarta Journey. Ch 4 : Jogja’s Beach

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This story is specially written for my Indonesia Oceanography Lecturer, Dr.rer.nat. Mutiara Rachmat Putri.

Day 3, It was supposed to be our holiday peak. Because we were going to visit special beaches in Jogja. We were so exciteeeed!! but..

We woke up quite late this time, maybe because yesterday was really exhausting. Today we were being lazy, sleeping and watching tv while had a snack and etc. We ended our sloth-alike when noon came. We prepared all things mentally and physically. Btw we used white clothing as dresscode, I didnt know who start this smartupid idea. Then we leaved the house and ready for the adventureee!

Day 3

We started the journey with eating in Waroeng SS or Waroeng Spesial Sambel or Special Sauce Restaurant. We ordered variations of food and sauce. They were delicious and spicy. This might be the hottest food I had ever taste when I was in Jogja.  We didnt spend much time there, only half hour and then we leaved. Next we went to our main destination; Wediombo Beach.

We used an alternative route so we can see the sea from the roads. The first thing that crossed my mind when I saw the sea was be like “Oh it must be short wave! Where is the Seas area? Oh I can see the Swell! Oh it must be the Surf area where the h/H is more than 0,78 and the wave will break!”. I was quite proud that finally my knowledge from the lectures can be used in reality.

After 3 hours trip, Finally we arrived at Wediombo Beach. In truth, it can be reached for 2 hours, but because of the alternative route it prolonged the trip. To reach the beach, we need to walk down through the stairs. Eventhough it was quite exhausting, everything became positive again when finally we could see the beach from close distance. MasyaAllah the beach was so beautiful. Most of south beach have so many rocks and corals, so no wonder that Wediombo Beach was not that smooth. Besides of many corals, there were also many of people. We didnt like the crowd, It made us not free to play. So we just walked along the beach while enjoying the scenery.

In the middle of our walking, Suddenly one of my friend said that there is actually a very good beach which is beside Wediombo Beach. He said that we could reach it with just walking. Then we agreed to go there, maybe it was better to have a little walk again to reach the more beautiful beach.

Furthermore, We walked inside the brushes and went out with very different atmosphere. It was like in Narnia or typical magical story. We entered into brushes and went out to very wide rice fields. We walked cross the field and kept going east. Also we didnt forget to have a pose for photos. The terrain wasnt easy to go through, some of us had troubles with walking in here. Step by step, eventually we could hear the wave sound. Ah I was so happy and couldnt wait to see the beach.

All struggles was paid off after we saw the white-sandy beach. It was much much more amazing than Wediombo Beach. This beach is called Jungwok Beach. There were less people and rocks. I looked to the right and left and still not believed what i saw.

Jungwok beach has own special thing. There was a unique small island which was called Jungwok Island. I guess the island was created by vulcanic eurption’s rock. That island broke the wave so the north side of the beach had a smaller surf wave. Where the south side had a very big surf wave. If only i could do the surfing, probably I were already enjoying that big wave. Anw The weather was also perfect; It was warm and shiny.

So for the first hour, I spent the time to swim with Rais. Since the wave was on tide and too big, so we didnt swim too far. Meanwhile my other friends enjoyed the beach with sitting and sunbathing under the trees.

For the next hours, we decided to have a creative photo sessions. eh I meant the boys. Yeah we were the boys had stupid ideas of poses. We set the shutter speed faster and ulala! we had a bunch of cool photos.

Afterwards, we eated Mi Goreng or fried noodle in local stall. Eating together along the beach with the unlimited wind and wave and white-sandy beach were just great. Its been a quite long time I never feel this peaceful feeling. Probably it was one of the best decision I’ve made that moment because I almost felt that “Life is starting to get away from me”. So maybe I could say…

“I travel is not because i want to run away from life but because I dont want life run away from me.”

The time showed nearly 6 pm. We didnt want to miss the chance of seeing sunset, so we went back to Wediombo Beach because we couldnt see the sunset from here.

We were happy to be together here in the beach when the sun was sink. That moment was also the last thing we did in the third day before we went back to the house and sleep.

…last day story will be in chapter 4


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