Rancabuaya Beach. Ch 3

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This story is specially written to my Indonesia Oceanography Lecturer

The Ships

In the early morning, life in the Rancabuaya Beach started to come alive. The Womans went outside and cleaned their houses and prepared their things. Since mostly they are housewife, no wonder you would smell something delicious in the morning. While the mens are fishermans, You couldnt find them aroudn, I guess because they were still on the sea.

Panorama in Rancabuaya beach, with the short wave hits the beach, was so lovely. The scene of ships docked along the beach shore added mild feeling. Most of the ships were same, those were called Perahu Jukung or Jukung Ship. With the blue=yellow color and some cool quotes like “Mantap”,”Rezeki” and etc, the ships  were lined up.

Waiting Them Coming

When I enjoyed the beauty of the beach, I saw something from the distance. It was a ship and coming closer. Finally the mens, that had been waited by anyone here, had arrived. Directly I prepared my camera to capture the moment.

They simply docked the ship and brought what they got from the sea. I can clearly sea the fish that they got was not really many nor big. Even some of the fishes were in half condition. I didnt see the worthy between their hardwork and the result. I felt bad for them. But they showed in different way. They still felt grateful in any condition. Well, the beauty of the beach panorama didnt really picture the beauty of the people’s life there.

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