Rancabuaya Beach. Ch 4

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This story is specially written to my Indonesia Oceanography Lecturer

Fried Fish

The sky was getting brighter. The sunray was getting hotter too. We ended the play and packed all the things back. Since the beginning, we already planned to go back before noon to avoid the traffic. But our stomach gave a sound of hunger. We started the driving and searched a restaurant market, because Surya said it is much cheaper and fresher to eat in restaurant market around the beach. We stopped in the medium cottage not far from the first place; Wa Jabrig Putra Restaurant . There were no any visitor at that moment. We asked for the fried fish, squid and Kangkung. Twenty minutes of waiting and an hour eating and chatting, we got satisfied. It was exactly like what Surya said; cheap and delicious. Yum!

Coming Back Ganesha

After tried the beach’s culinary, we directly went home. I kept awake along the road. The scene was different like what I saw when coming here. It was so dark and empty but now there were many lives. Students just finished their school, people did the trades and etc. Hence, it was more challenging because of the crowd.

Five hours driving, finally we arrived at the Ganesha. It was exhausting but the experience really amazing. I rarely do a long vacation like this, especially with my friends. I guess, I am addicted with travelling, and the beach, and Indonesia.

This line finishes my story, I hope You really enjoy the story and inspired to explore more the beauty of Indonesia. See ya in the next posts!

… the end …

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