Yogyakarta Journey. Ch 2


We were looking for food and good places to play around. And we already knew where we would go.

First Day

Before arriving to our house. Actually we went to a food stall, or Angkringan as it is called in local. It was 3 am in the morning. Jogja was not really cold like what i thought. It was mild instead, which is great. ┬áThe Angkringan that we were headed was Kopi Joss Angkringan. It’s located in main street of Jogja; Lempuyangan Street. You guys should check the menu because it was so unique. *Spoiler* There was a special drink which the coffe was mixed with hot charcoal.

We didnt have much time to relax in the house. So after a short break, we directly drived the car to a Bantul Area. There was a famous type of food; Sata Klatak or Klatak Satay. Instead of using wood, this satay uses iron bars. We choosed Pak Pong Sate Klatak and it was so delicious and yummy! really recommended.

Then after fullfilling our stomach, we went higher to Kebun Buah Mangunan or Mangunan Fruit Garden. We expected to see many fruits since the name is fruit garden. But in the reality there was no fruit at all (or maybe i didnt see it). Eventhough we couldnt see any fruits around but there was interesting spot which had a magnificient view of Bantul. Well we just couldnt miss the chance, so we spent for 2 hours just for taking many pictures as we could.

It was 4 pm, We planned to go back to the house but then we discovered another cool place; Hutan Pinus Imogiri or Imogiri Pine Forest. We used to see this kind of place in Bandung (Tahura), but this was much cooler, eventhough it was still in development. There were many tree houses and big logs to sit and relax. In fact, based on google, there was a theater which was made by logs. But poorly we didnt go there.

Then we backed home in latenoon. We all were tired so we ended this first day journey.

…See you in chapter 3

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