Yogyakarta Journey. Ch 3


Ocean Engineer. Well this type of engineering must love fluid or water. Why? Because that is a what we are calculating and approaching. And our field will always meet fluid (expect you decide to work on bank).

To love fluid much more, we need to love play water as much as posibble. So whenever we go to holiday, we should go to river, estuary, lake, beach, sea, and island. Like what we did in our journey to Jogja!

Second Day

Second time wake up was different. We all had a very happy feeling, probably because we had spent a day together and was so good. We took a breakfast with “Pecel” because we would go to a very far place. The Pecel in Jogja was special, The huge serving combination of vegetables with peanute sauce plus fried duck egg made a rich taste. Yummy!

In this day,  We visited Kulon Progo to feel the experience of swimming in Sungai Mudal or Mudal River. It took a very long time ride but the scenery was just so good, so I didnt feel bored at all.

We finally stepped our foot in Mudal River at 11 AM. The location was on foothills. We needed to walk a little bit again if we use a car. From the its name, I thought it is a plain river, like a normal river that i used to see in Jakarta and Bandung. But in reality, it was different! The river was unique. From my view, It was most likely waterfalls with many pools. We walked across and cross the river through wood path and bridges. We stopped at big gazebo in uphill and prepared to feel the water.

The water in here was green (or maybe blue, I wasnt quite sure). The deepest pool had 2 meters depth. We really enjoyed playing around and since it was midday, there were no many visitors.

We ended up our journey in Mudal River with eating in small restaurant nearby. As a Jakarta and Bandung people, I DIDNT REALLY FAMILIAR WITH THESE PRICES. In here all foods and drinks were cheap, even the ice cream. I was really confused how they could get a profit from selling like that.

After Mudal River, we traveled to Waduk Sermo or Sermo Reservoir. This Reservoir splits Ngrancah river with average 20 meters depth. There was nothing so special here. We only spent less than 1 hour here with riding a boat. Although we were lucky enough to see the beauty of the sunset here.

The sky was going dark,  we leaved from there and headed to Jogja town. Because of our greeds to food, we felt hungry already haha. We closed the journey of second day with eating mushrooms in
Jejamuran. A big and famous restaurant for mushrooms culinary in Jogja. The place was very nice and cozy. The menus were also diverse. And then again, I DIDNT REALLY FAMILIAR WITH THESE PRICES! It was too cheap for me, should i feel good or bad? I dont know.

We finished the journey and ended up sleeping like a buffalo because what else is good after eating except sleeping.

…dont forget to check chapter 4

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